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Our Medical Group Focus On You

When you choose Prospect Medical Holdings for your healthcare, you’re assured of innovative, high quality and cost-effective care backed up by our decades of leadership in managed care.

Our extensive provider network is a combination of primary care and specialty physicians, urgent care centers, hospitals and other healthcare providers that work together to help provide you the quality medical services you need.

Our Coordinated Regional Care model helps you navigate the often-confusing process of receiving healthcare and working with your health plan. Currently, our medical groups include more than 600,000 members and 20,000 primary care and specialist physicians in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Our doctors and specialists  have the tools and support they need to do what they do best—take care of you and your family. In addition, we offer an open network that gives you more choice, unlike closed systems that can limit where you get care and services. This means you can choose a physician, hospital, or other services close to where you live or work.

The Prospect Medical Holdings primary care physician you select works with us to help coordinate your healthcare services. It’s a one-stop process that includes:

  • Specialist referrals
  • Lab tests
  • Outpatient referrals or services
  • Medical supply requests
  • Care coordination
  • Customer service
  • Health education and resources

Care Coordination

Today, our medical groups include over 20,000 board-certified primary care doctors and specialists spread across 28 owned or managed networks in six states. We arrange for the care of more than 600,000 members—with many residing in underserved communities—who rely on our providers for everything from routine exams and screenings to the treatment and management of complex conditions.

For patients, our medical groups lead to greater coordination of care and ease of navigation through the healthcare system. Our primary care doctors take the guesswork out of picking a specialist by taking their unique needs into account and connecting them with our vast, handpicked network of providers.

As mentioned, many of our members reside in underserved communities, and we help these members gain access to convenient, high-quality care close to home.

The doctors in our medical groups communicate and work together to make sure patients receive all the care they need. Our physicians practice across every medical specialty, from pediatrics and obstetric/gynecology to cardiology and advanced robotic surgery. As whole, our network provides a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience with board-certified expertise in treating patients throughout all stages of life.

Health Maintenance Organizations

Each of our medical groups contracts with health maintenance organizations (HMOs), a well-established model designed to motivate physicians to practice preventive medicine and reduce unnecessary procedures. To streamline the delivery of healthcare services to enrolled plan members, our medical groups also contract with hospitals, urgent care centers, medical laboratories, and radiology centers.

The 28 medical groups owned or managed by Prospect Medical Holdings span a diverse geographical area and patient population. Based on enrollment, our combined medical groups are among the largest in Southern California, and we have contracts with all of the major (non-Kaiser) HMOs operating in the region. Prospect CT Medical Foundation, Inc. in Connecticut, which manages Alliance Medical Group and Eastern Connecticut Medical Group Network Medical Group, while Prospect Health Services Texas offers multiple urgent care locations for its members.

We also offer culturally focused physician networks for Korean, Latino, Vietnamese, and other types of patient communities. 

For more information on our affiliated health plans, click here.

Contact Us

Our goal is to serve you. Read more on our Prospect Medical Systems member page, call us at (800) 708-3230 or check out our Facebook page.