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Crozer-Keystone Health System Becomes Crozer Health



Crozer-Keystone Health System is emerging as Crozer Health this month, complete with a new logo. Even the date of unveiling is strategic, as all of September is being celebrated as Heroes’ Month at Crozer Health, since COVID-19 precautions prevented Hospital Week, Nurses Week, Doctors Day and EMS Week celebrations this spring.

“The new logo,” explained Crozer Health CEO Peter Adamo, “is more concise and versatile than it used to be, it’s sporting some new colors, and our iconic flag has been modernized.” The guiding principal during the development of the new logo was to have it visually represent the system’s emerging high acuity capabilities, but also to honor Crozer’s heritage as the primary health provider in Delaware County since the 1890s.

In a letter to all of his Crozer Health colleagues, Adamo wrote: “You’ve been through quite a lot during the past six months. You stepped up during a global health crisis and never lost sight of why you chose a career to serve others when they need help most. Thank you for everything you do.”

The spirit of September’s Heroes Month celebrations is in the gratitude we share with each other for the great work everyone does every day, shoulder to shoulder. “So it is with pride that I wish you a wonderful Heroes Month and never-ending joy in the career you’ve chosen to nobly serve others. We’re lucky to have you!” he concluded.