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Crozer Health Launches Emergency Medical Services Training Institute


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Unique Training Program Certifies New EMT Providers, Meeting the Needs of the Delaware County Community and Beyond.

Crozer Health recently received approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to launch the Crozer Health Emergency Medical Services Training Institute (EMSTI). Beginning in early October, the Crozer Health EMSTI will conduct Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training courses as well as an array of EMS certification and continuing education courses. The EMSTI is part of the Chief Robert Reeder Multidisciplinary Simulation and Education Center, located at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, Pa., and positions Crozer Health as the premier EMSTI provider in the region. 

“There is a critical shortage of EMTs, not only in our region but across the U.S., and the key reason is the lack of training opportunities,” said Dr. William Boyer, DHSc, M.S., CHSE, Chief Academic Officer at Crozer Health. “Crozer Health is launching the EMSTI from both an educational and workforce development strategy.”

The Crozer Health EMSTI is hospital-based and clinically focused. It will provide the students with a robust, well-rounded education and EMT certification. The training will begin in the classroom and progress through simulation and clinical rotations that will have the students ready to “hit the streets” at completion of the program. The program further provides for students to receive 62 college credits through our partnership with Widener University towards the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree program. 

The EMSTI will be overseen by Dr. Boyer and the Crozer Health Office of Academic Affairs. It will be led by two experienced and seasoned EMS educators, (Robert) Bubba Hamilton, Simulation Manager, and Stacey Wigent, Simulation Specialist and EMS Program Lead.

For more information about the Crozer Health EMSTI, contact Stacey Wigent at Stacey.Wigent@crozer.org.