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Crozer Health’s Stroke Certification Benefits Community, Physicians and Staff


Crozer Chester Stroke Program Certification GNI.JPG

Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s recent comprehensive stroke certification by The Joint Commission means Crozer Health and the Global Neurosciences Institute (GNI) have the infrastructure, team, training, and expertise required to treat the most complex stroke cases in Pennsylvania with the highest quality care.

“Helping us achieve comprehensive stroke certification was the proudest work and most exciting thing I’ve done in my career, and I’ve been privileged to be a part of it,” said Prospect Medical East Coast Vice President of Financial Operations Michael Curran, who celebrated the certification in June with close to 100 employees.

“It was Dr. Mandy Binning’s plan, vision, and execution that got us here, along with Stroke Program Coordinator Suzanne Hefton, Neuroscience Administrative Director Elaina Fernandez, and Senior Nursing Administrative Director Eric Diehl,” said Curran. “In addition, the entire nursing team and everyone who cares for stroke patients contributed to the certification.”

Dr. Binning added, “The goal of GNI’s partnership with Crozer Health was to achieve comprehensive stroke certification in two years—and when we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it! But the thanks go to everyone involved, I didn’t do it by myself―you all took the reins and went with it. Now we’re looking to the next goal!” She is the chief of vascular neurosurgery and stroke program medical director.

“I’ve been with Crozer Health for only about 15 months, but thanks for allowing me to step in for such a proud moment!” said Crozer Health CEO Peter Adamo. “We can do whatever we put our minds to, and we’ve set an example for the rest of the system.”