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Mother of Crozer Paramedic Lost to COVID Honors His Memory with Scholarship


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Delaware County Community College paramedic program graduates at their recent graduation ceremony included, left to right, front, Kristen Boyer, Veronica Colozza, Jade White, Amanda Gamboa, Ashley Lopez Feliciano, back, Quintin Lotz, Joshua Hamilton, Karissa Jennings, Paul Brown, Christopher Montgomery, and Ausavin “Joe” Vickyanont.

During a recent ceremony for students graduating from the Delaware County Community College (DCCC) paramedic program in Pennsylvania, the inaugural Kevin W. Bundy Jr. Memorial Scholarship was awarded, which was named after a DCCC alumnus and Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital and Crozer Health EMS paramedic who died of COVID last year.

Bundy was the first reported first responder in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, to die from COVID-19.

“At the age of 33, Kevin’s life was cut short due to COVID,” said scholarship-creator and Bundy’s mother, Helen Brown. “But COVID will not end Kevin’s legacy. His legacy will live on through you.”

Brown awarded the scholarship to paramedic student Valerie Holliday during the paramedic pinning and graduation ceremony at the college’s Marple Campus. A mother of three young children and stepmother of two additional children, Holliday works as an emergency medical technician in New Jersey and is on track to graduate next year.

Holliday also is working on a baccalaureate degree from Rutgers University, where she majors in urban studies.

Crozer Health EMS Chief Bruce Egan, who was Bundy’s lead instructor in the paramedic program, said Bundy loved being a paramedic and had a wonderful sense of humor.

Dr. L. Joy Gates Black, DCCC’s president, complimented the graduates for being dedicated to their training, which included working in the field with COVID patients.

“These brave men and women put themselves at risk so they could learn how to help others,” said Dr. Gates Black. “It is women and men like you who make the college proud, and I wish you a lifetime of success.”