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Crozer Health Community Plan: The Legacy of Compassionate Community Care



One of my first impressions of Crozer Health when I was appointed President of Crozer Health Medical Group in September 2019 was the unwavering commitment I saw in our employees as they went about their work of caring for the sick in the communities we are honored to serve.

That impression was even stronger when I was named CEO of the Crozer Health system earlier this year. The passion to serve that I witnessed three years ago has only strengthened during what has been the most challenging period this – or any other health system in the country – has ever experienced: the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The unfortunate fact is that these are among the worst economic times in living memory for hospitals and health systems. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting surge in inflation have been financially devastating for health care providers – and Crozer Health is no exception.

Even with these ongoing challenges, we remain fully committed to our patients, our staff, and our communities.

We are taking significant steps to ensure Crozer Health has the stable operational and financial foundation it needs to continue serving Delaware County with safe, quality patient care for many years to come. One of these steps is returning the health system to nonprofit status. Another is reconfiguring our services to better serve the evolving needs of our patients, including reopening the Springfield Hospital campus as a comprehensive outpatient complex with an Urgent Care Center, medical offices, ancillary services, and an ambulatory surgery center. We will continue to reach out to our communities to make sure they know that we are here for them and a trusted partner in helping maintain their health and well-being.

One thing remains abundantly clear: Our most valuable resource at Crozer is our people. As you will see after reading this report to the community, Crozer Health is not just a name and logo, but an amazing collaboration of dedicated, talented, caring people who do extraordinary and important work every day.

Many of our physicians, nurses, and other caregivers, as well as our employees throughout the health system who provide essential support services, live in our local communities and share in the lives of our patients beyond the walls of our hospitals and other facilities. At Crozer Health, we are family caring for family, neighbors for neighbors, friends for friends.

Anthony “Tony” Esposito
CEO, Crozer Health