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“It's a great opportunity to get acute care experience”

“After years with the City of Los Angeles, I was inspired by my grandfather to become a nurse. I came to Los Angeles Community Hospital through the new grad program because it offers a great opportunity to get acute care experience. The hospital is very supportive in helping its new graduate nurses develop their nursing skills.” – Danielle, RN, Medical-Surgical, LA Community Hospital 

“We have an emphasis on quality preceptors to facilitate learning.”

“Patients get the best quality care when a team can work together. We are a smaller hospital with an emphasis on quality preceptors who facilitate ongoing learning during clinical practice. Building our skills helps us work well together, which is why education makes a difference.” – Jasmine, RN Relief Charge, Medical-Surgical, LA Community Hospital


“I like being a part of the birthing process.”

“I like being a part of the birthing process - the most important day of their families’ lives. There is NOTHING better than seeing the parent's face when they hear their newborn's cry for the 1st time." - Laura, RN, Family Birthing Center, Eastern Connecticut Health Network


“I love working here."

“I love working here because of the care provided to our patients through teamwork. Our case management team is dedicated to making the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible by coordinating post-hospital care with the patient’s doctor and loved ones.” – Anna, RN, Case Management, Norwalk Community Hospital

"I feel good coming to work every day."

“I’ve worked at Los Angeles Community Hospital for 5 years. It’s been a great career path for me as I’ve been able to grow and move up to new roles. In infection control, I feel good coming to work every day. I’m always learning something new, plus it's a fun place to work.” – Jennifer, Infection Control, Los Angeles Community Hospital

"Here I can make a difference."

“I enjoy working at Los Angeles Community Hospitals in East LA and Norwalk because our senior leadership is consistently responsive and receptive to new ideas. The organization is ready, willing and able to change processes and approaches for improvement. Here I can make a difference." - Gail, Risk Management, Los Angeles Community Hospitals

“I love the staff and teamwork.”

“I like working at Manchester Memorial Hospital because it’s a great community hospital and I love the staff and teamwork; all the nurses and management work well together and are always willing to help, no matter what.” - Colleen, Nurse Assistant, Intensive Care Unit, Eastern Connecticut Health Network

"I would strongly recommend becoming part of the Crozer Health team.”

"I love working at Crozer Health because of the daily interactions with everyone from the facility. On a routine day I am able to interact with every department from patient transport to the CNO here at Delaware County Memorial Hospital. Everyone is dedicated to quality patient care and very friendly.

Working at Crozer Health has definitely empowered and provided me with opportunities to grow as a nurse as well as a leader.” - Nick, BSN, R.N., Nursing Administration, Crozer Health

“Thirty-two years later, I am grateful I was given this opportunity.”

“At Eastern Connecticut Health Network, we work as a team, we work hard, and we support one another. Thirty-two years later, I am grateful I was given the opportunity to work at the very place that introduced me to lab medicine.” - Brenda, Medical Technologist, Laboratory, Rockville General Hospital

“All my co-workers have become like a second family to me.”

“I like working at ECHN because it is close to home. Because of this, I have been able to really develop my nursing career here at Manchester Memorial Hospital. The staff is also really close. In each department I have worked over the years, all my co-workers have become like a second family to me. They have celebrated my life events; through marriage, through the birth of my children, even through loss. They have also supported me and mentored me professionally and I feel that I can rely on the strong clinical skills of my fellow nurses and physicians to create the best outcome for each patient.”- Dawn, RN/Charge RN, GI, Eastern Connecticut Health Network

“I enjoy the privilege of serving families in my community.”

"I've enjoyed working on the Family Birthing Center for more than three years because I have the privilege of being involved in my patients’ birth experience and serving families in my community." - Meghan, RN, Family Birthing Center, Waterbury Hospital


“What I’m doing here really matters in Norwalk.”

“When I came to Norwalk Community Hospital nearly a year ago, I was a new nurse. I was fortunate to receive a great orientation from both the nurses and the doctors to enable me to start out strong. What I’m now doing is real work here where it matters.”  Essie, RN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk Community Hospital

“I work with amazing people!”

“Orange County is very expansive and I’m lucky to find a wonderful place to work that is only a mile from where I live. I not only get to work with amazing people, but get to care for patients right in my in my own community. It’s been a great opportunity for me these last five years.” – Michele, RN, Medical-Surgical, Foothill Regional Medical Center

"We reach and care for those that are at higher risk.”

Suzanne explains how Crozer Health brings health services such as vaccinations, screenings, and education to the community when area residents cannot come to us. - Suzanne, Stroke Coordinator, Nursing Services Administration, Crozer Health

“There is promise of growth and a sense of pride.”

“I choose to work at ECHN because of the positive atmosphere and my passion for caring for patients. I would tell a prospective hire that there is promise of growth at ECHN and a sense of pride and teamwork in the job. I enjoy my work, and when I am not here you can find me cooking, reading, or bike riding!” Sandra, Dietician Aid, Food & Nutrition, Eastern Connecticut Health Network

“Foothill Regional is my 'work home,' I’m more than just a number."

“I’ve worked at several places, but none have had the camaraderie that I find here at Foothill Regional Medical Center. We share stories and even get together outside of work. This is my ‘work home,’ I’m more than just a number here. In nursing we are all in this together for our patients and its comforting to know that I can count on my coworkers if I needed any help." – Fernando, LVN, Pediatric Subacute Unit, Foothill Regional Medical Center

“I joined Crozer Health for its reputation in the community.”

“I joined Crozer Health for its community involvement and reputation in Delaware County. I stay for personal and career growth, and involvement in my unit. The general atmosphere in the hospital and health system promotes employee and community camaraderie; we are one big family. I am especially proud of our investment in administering COVID-19 vaccines.” - Laura, RN, Maternity, Crozer Health

“You get to see improvements in patients and help make their lives better.”

For TJ, a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Fatima Hospital, a career in health care was a family calling. He has several relatives in the business so it just seemed like the thing to do, TJ quickly fell in love with bedside nursing, saying “You have to love or like what you do and in nursing, you get to see improvements in patients and help make their lives better and also their family’s lives.” Even after eight years as a nurse, TJ says he is fortunate to work with so many experienced nurses and still takes something new out of every day. TJ, RN, Intensive Care Unit, Fatima Hospital


“I love what I do because I can bring a smile to my patients every day."

"Waterbury Hospital has helped me grow as a nurse. I started here right out of school and have been here for two years. I love my colleagues, manager, and my patients. I love what I do because I can bring a smile to my patients every day." - Kristy, RN, Medical-Surgical, Waterbury Hospital

“I find joy in being able to take care of Crozer Health patients.”

“I enjoy working for Crozer Health because my coworkers come together each day to give our patients the best experience we can, and help each other along the way to make it happen. I also find joy in being able to take care of people in their time of need, as well as having the ability to educate and give them the knowledge to make their surgery a success.” - Jessica, RN, Post-Op, Crozer Health


“We are always well supported.”

“We are always well supported in our emergency department with security and great supervisors to meet our clinical and non-clinical challenges. Difficult emergencies are easier when you work with great people.” – Rachana, RN, Emergency Department, Southern California Hospital at Culver City

“You are part of a world class team.”

“When I saw a job posting for ECHN, I remember feeling delighted in learning that ECHN was filling full-time positions. I also was excited to work in Manchester, where three generations of my family have grown up. It makes me happy to be here; it has always felt like home here. The number one reason I recommend someone to work at ECHN is because at the hospital, you are part of a world class team.” - Gordon, Sonographer, Cardiovascular Sonography, Eastern Connecticut Health Network


"I pride myself on caring for people and making a difference."

Nick discusses making a difference through his nursing career as well as by coaching community sports programs. - Nick, Clinical Nurse Manager, Nursing Administration, Crozer Health

“It’s like a family at LA Community Hospital.”

"I’ve been at Los Angeles Community Hospital for five years, and it’s been a great experience.  I started as a new grad.  The ICU was a great place to start because I was able to learn a lot by moving around to various departments from the ER to Telemetry to PACU and, now, as a relief house supervisor the last two years. I also love working here because it’s like a family, where even the hospital administration knows your name." – Christine, BSN, RN, Intensive Care Unit, Los Angeles Community Hospital

“We make the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible.”

“We help each other out and focus on what is best for patient care through open communication, rather than whose ‘job it is.’ For example, if a certified nurse assistant is busy and a patient needs help with equipment or help standing up… we are all ready to help! I’ve especially noticed have respectful communications are between nurses, physicians and physicians’ assistants.” Alyssa, RN, Medical-Surgical, Southern California Hospital at Hollywood 

“We're a cohesive team.”

"I started at Waterbury Hospital in 2015 as a personal care assistant and worked in different units, but have been working as a nurse in Family Birthing since February 2020. My favorite part about working at Waterbury Hospital is the staff. They are my second family. I feel comfortable asking questions because we're a cohesive team." - Brina, RN, Family Birthing Center, Waterbury Hospital


“Having the right resources can make all the difference.”

"In a fast-paced environment like the ED, having the right resources and equipment can make all the difference. Here at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, we have a very supportive director that gets us what we need to quickly help our patients, including wireless EKG, ultrasound-guided IV, and computers with our own scanners. We are also provided support to keep our patients and staff safe." - Charmaine, RN, Emergency Department, Southern California Hospital at Culver City 

“My most significant career achievements have been here.”

“My time with ECHN began as a graduate intern. Since then, I progressed from a part-time unlicensed employee to the full-time licensed employee that I am now. My most significant career achievements have been obtained during my time here and my favorite project is working on a trauma presentation amongst first responders.” Leon, Clinician III/Adult Ambulatory Behavioral Health, Eastern Connecticut Health Network

“I love the unknown, every day is different!"

As a cardiac EMT for seven years, Edean would frequently come through hospitals and see the variety of caring going on, and that’s why she got the urge to become a nurse. Twelve years later, all spent in the Emergency Department at Roger Williams Medical Center, she couldn’t be happier with her decision. “I love the unknown in terms of what is coming next, every day is different, along with the challenges. And it’s not about the money as nursing is not for everyone. You have to be that person who cares.” Edean added that great co-workers, a great manager along with camaraderie and teamwork make it extra special. Edean, RN, Emergency Department, Roger Williams Medical Center



"I love that I can help."

“Small things make a huge difference to a patient who is in a hospital bed. I love that I can do what I can to help them.” - Agnes, CNA, Medical-Surgical, Foothill Regional Medical Center

“I love the opportunity to leave a favorable impression of our hospital to our patients.”

“At Los Angeles Community Hospital we get patients from all walks of life and with a variety of medical issues. I love the diversity of our patients and being able to offer them a welcoming reassurance that their medical care and needs and will be taken care of. I love the opportunity to leave a favorable impression of our hospitals to our patients.” – Jasel, Patient Ambassador, Los Angeles Community Hospital 



“We see and treat the big picture.”

"In-home care helps my patients live their best life in the place they feel the safest, & I can build relationships with the patients & families. We see & treat the 'big picture.'" - Diana, VNHSC clinic educator, Eastern Connecticut Health Network